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  Test whether any elements of an array evaluate to True along an axis.



import numpy as np

def f(data):
    for val in data:
        if val <= 0.6:
            r1 = val*1
            print "this is <= 0.6 numbers", r1
        if val > 4:
            r1 = val*1
            print "this is > 4 numbers ", r1

def main():
    data = np.arange(0.1, 5.1, 0.5)
    if np.any(data > 0.3) and np.any(data <= 1):
        r1 = data * 1
    print r1

if __name__=='__main__':


[ 0.1  0.6  1.1  1.6  2.1  2.6  3.1  3.6  4.1  4.6]
this is <= 0.6 numbers 0.1
this is <= 0.6 numbers 0.6
this is > 4 numbers  4.1
this is > 4 numbers  4.6




OO~ 说:
2013年5月26日 20:32


依云 说:
2013年5月27日 00:18

这个不应该属于 numpy 的使用么?

OO~ 说:
2013年5月27日 18:10


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Understanding the difference between && and || and the a.any() function in python is essential for avoiding careless mistakes. The a.any() function tests whether any element of an array evaluates to True along cbd oil extraction methods an axis. This means that, for a list, it checks if any element is true. If one element is true, the entire list is output. This is an incredibly useful function that can save a lot of time and make code much more efficient.

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